To my OLEA friends and family,

Welcome! It feels so good to finally be able to say that. I have wanted to work with female athletes for years, and founding OLEA Athletics has brought that dream to life. 

Why start with golf? 

I have been playing golf for almost my entire life and have always hated the clothes. The unflattering silhouettes and bright, preppy patterns did not match my personal style, leaving me unconfident on the course. I even went so far as to refuse to wear khaki pants at my varsity matches in high school. 

In 2017,  I was scrolling through my phone in my college dorm room and came across an article about the LPGA’s new dress code. I could not believe that the LPGA would put up another obstacle for women to succeed in the golf industry. Clothing is not only vital to an athlete’s brand and ability to sell themselves to sponsors, but there are also psychological benefits behind wearing an outfit that makes you feel confident. Implementing a dress code that encourages women to dress a certain way hinders the individuality of the athletes. Insulted by the new dress code, I shifted my career goals and created a brand that would change women's sports. 

Today, my team and I are working toward creating a brand that will elevate female athletes. I want to thank you for becoming part of our OLEA Athletics family, as we are very excited for what the future holds. 



Morgan Haberfield, CEO and founder, OLEA Athletics

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