About OLEA


We want women athletes to have clothing that not only makes a statement, but also gives them confidence knowing they look their best.

Why  OLEA?    

Olea Europaea is the botanical name for the olive tree. 

We chose this name because the champions of the Ancient Olympic Games wore olive branch crowns. 

We want the women wearing Olea to embrace their confidence and feel like champions!

What is OLEA Athletics?

          OLEA Athletics is a women’s clothing line where modern street style meets golf apparel. We take athletic fashion trends and translate them into sustainable, non- traditional golf clothing. At OLEA Athletics, we aim to change how people see female athletes through clothing. It is our mission to provide a platform for our athletes to inspire others and create more opportunities for future athletes.

We are determined to evolve women’s athletics while keeping in mind the most important woman- Mother Nature

          In addition to our commitment to female athletes, we have made a commitment to sustainability. Our end goal is to create a closed cycle system that works for athletes and our planet. Part of this includes transparency and acknowledging that our present system is not perfect, but that we are working toward achieving our sustainability goals.

              We are currently using organic cotton fabrics for our t-shirts, pants, and shorts. The fabric used for our pants and shorts is composed of 97% organic cotton and 3% spandex. We are proud to be using a Repreve fabric for our bodysuits, tops, skirts, jumpsuits, and dresses. This fabric is composed of 43% Repreve, 43%Polyester, and 14% Spandex. Unfortunately, our mesh fabric does not fall under the umbrella of sustainable fabrics at this time, but our team is working on changing this. This fabric is composed of 90% nylon and  10% spandex.

              In addition to using predominantly sustainable fabrics, OLEA Athletics has integrated sustainable practices into its shipping. We have accomplished this by using minimal and recyclable packaging, provided by ECOENCLOSE. We are also using carbon neutral shipping services. 

OLEA Athletics will hold ourselves accountable for the quality of our products and dedication to elevating female athletes. As we work to maintain a high standard for our company and stay focused on our goals, we hope that you will choose to increase your potential both on and off the course wearing our clothing.